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The arrival of a child also involves an economic reversal. There are many things to buy, from baby bottles to dresses, from cradles to stroller. While some things are cheaper and will be replaced as the baby grows or are disposable as diapers, others are meant to accompany the baby throughout childhood.

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This means that there is the possibility of making room for errors in the choice of diapers for example, that if they are not the correct ones you change them, instead when you buy a stroller you cannot change so easily, since it is a more expensive expense. important.

The stroller is usually bought before the baby is born, for several reasons. The first is that when you leave the hospital you will already want to have a stroller to carry the baby, some trio strollers convert into a carrycot and are very useful in the children’s first car trip. Another reason is that before the baby is born you have much more time to evaluate and decide what to buy and what features to look for in order to have the best lightweight stroller .

We undoubtedly recommend a light stroller, which is easy and practical to use, the less the stroller weighs the better, but the strength of it is also important. Many factors must be taken into consideration when making such an important purchase, and we want to help you, because we know that the world of strollers is very vast and on the market there are thousands if not millions of different options to choose from and very often you feel overwhelmed and you end up choosing only out of tiredness and not out of real belief that you are doing the right thing.

If you have twins, the lightness and comfort of strollers are even more important because two babies require twice as much care. If you are a parent of two little ones, you should check out our article on twin strollers so you can choose the best strollers for your babies. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two children, in fact we cannot forget saving money, which is one of the most important aspects for any young parent. If you want to save money, make a practical purchase: buy 3 strollers in 1, those that include the carrycot, seat unit and car seat. Nowadays, there is no need to buy these items separately – you can buy them in one go, saving money and maintaining a high-end design.

What are lightweight strollers?

This is the first question to be answered, light strollers are prams in which to transport your children that have the advantage of being made with quality materials, which are able to effectively support the weight of a child, but that at the same time are light and easy to transport. In fact, it must be taken into account that if you carry the weight of a child you will already be doing some effort, if you add a great weight of the stroller, it will be much more difficult to go around. Making the choice fall on light strollers is a right choice, also because these can be transported very easily when you go around without being heavy or encumbering in the car. Many times maybe you travel, on weekends or on holidays, or leave the child with the grandparents several times a week. Having a light stroller gives you the possibility to carry the stroller always with you, to place it in the trunk of the car or to carry it in your hand without having to struggle, since it is very comfortable, light and easy to handle.

Many parents opt to have a normal and sturdy stroller to keep at home, while they always have a light stroller available in the car , to always have it at hand on outings, or decide to leave the secondary stroller at their grandparents’ home. to take the little ones around in the open air.

What is the importance of strollers in childhood?

Strollers are truly an essential accessory for parents, to be able to safely enjoy their child when they go out and about on the street or for walks. However, they have a fundamental role in the development of children, because they allow them to get out of the house and get to know the external environment. The contact of the child with the external environment is certainly fundamental, it becomes a stimulus for all the senses that is good for the development of the little one from the first weeks of life. Obviously there are some precautions that must be taken. Children are very sensitive to temperatures, especially extreme ones, if it is very cold or very hot it is recommended not to go out. It is advisable to always carry a blanket with you just in case even in hot weather, to protect children from any sudden coolness that may come. The walks made inside the stroller are not only suitable for babies, but also for small children. These often get tired of walking quickly, after a few hundred meters and after a few kilometers they often don’t want to know any more, so the stroller comes to the rescue. For example, consider walking your little one to the park. Most likely you will be able to walk to the park, and your child will play until he gets tired and has a lot of fun, but what happens when he gets back? He will be so tired that he will not have the strength to walk home, he will no longer want to know anything with physical effort. The alternatives will be to be carried in the arms or the stroller. If you have a lightweight stroller, this becomes very simple and easy. Just go to the park with the stroller well folded and then reopen it when needed. Thanks to its lightness it will not be bulky or heavy to bother.

What are the parts of the lightweight stroller?

  • The lightweight stroller is very simple and has fewer accessories than a sturdy stroller. Its parts are the wheels, the frame and the canvas part
  • We are going to analyze these three main and fundamental parts one by one

Let’s start with the wheels, the number of wheels in strollers can vary, they can be three, having two rear wheels and one front, giving the stroller more a triangular shape. Then there are the most common strollers that have four wheels, one for each end of the stroller, and then the number can increase from six to eight, to give the stroller greater balance and mobility.

When you have six wheels, the front wheels are double, they are the drive wheels that need the most thrust and are the most important of the stroller for it to rotate and move correctly. On the other hand, when they have eight wheels it means that all the ends of the stroller have double wheels. Since we are talking about light strollerswhat we are looking for is to lower the weight of the stroller, and less wheels are worth the better, also because the wheels give more balance, let’s say that four or six in a light stroller is ideal. But not only the number of wheels makes the difference, the importance is made by the materials and the quality of the wheels. To be considered the best wheels, they must be smoothly flowing and suitable for all terrains, so their size matters, the bigger the better, but a size that doesn’t make them too bulky, it is a problem of balance between that. that you are looking for. We advise you to look at the wheels first, their material, their mobility as they are the fundamental aspect when buying a stroller, the better they are made the better the performance of thestrollerin the years to come. Another very important aspect of the wheels is that they need to have a quick locking system. If the wheels cannot be locked, the stroller will not be able to remain stationary and open somewhere. The locking of the wheels guarantees greater autonomy, so as not to always be resting on the stroller even when it is empty, allowing freedom of movement. However, the main function of locking the wheels remains safety, to prevent any distraction from ending up in a bad situation. Think that if a wheel breaks the stroller will already not be able to function properly and you will have to look for a replacement wheel or buy a stroller again, thus increasing the initial expense. Buy a quality stroller as much as possible and you will not have to buy it again in the future.

We said that in addition to the wheels you have to look at the frame of the stroller. This has to be light, but not wobbly, sturdy but not too light. Everything seems to contradict itself and yet these are the needs we have. We want everything and the opposite of everything and for producers, who have the aim of satisfying customers, everything becomes more difficult. We are looking for resistant products, able to withstand a child of about 15 kilos, but that in turn the material is not too heavy to be carried around easily without representing a burden or encumbrance for the parents. Furthermore, surely some object will be attached to the frame, some accessory or toy, this must be made from a resistant material, to prevent it from bending or breaking easily.

The frame must then be well protected at the ends, for a comfortable and practical grip of the stroller and also for the convenience of parents or those who carry the stroller. The material of the frame must be rustproof and well finished, not have sharp ends that could be dangerous for children and also for adults.
It is advisable to read carefully how the frame can be washed and to follow the information in the instruction manual of the stroller . Hygiene is known to be a very important element when it comes to children who have a less developed immune system than that of adults and we always try to protect them from contact with germs and bacteria.

As the last part to analyze from which the stroller is made, we have the canvas part, which will support the weight of the child and will be in direct contact with the baby. The fabric can have different colors and patterns, this depends a lot on the subjective tastes of each of us, but usually we look for rather dark colors, in order to hide the dirt that accumulates in this fabric. A sore point in fact is that the fabric part gets dirty very easily when in contact with children, just think of the times that children regurgitate, mess with food, or play with earth or sand. It must be very important that the fabric is removable and washable, it is advisable to keep this part as clean and sanitized as possible, since it is the part that comes into contact with the baby’s skin most. If possible, try to get a spare fabric for when the other is in the washing machine or drying. Cleaning can also take place without having to remove the fabric, just use the right products to keep the stroller sanitized. Fabric safety laces are essential for the safety of the child, these must be made of resistant materials able to guarantee safety, and must be soft and comfortable for a perfect well-being of the child.

What materials are used to make strollers?

In order for a stroller to be light or whether it is an ultralight strollerthe materials must be of excellent quality, because they must be very resistant to bear the weight of a child, but also light. In addition to this, the materials used in the frame, but also in the other parts of the stroller must be approved according to European regulations, for the strollers to be really safe and for the greater peace of mind of parents who know that the regulations protect the safety of children. The UNI-EN 1888: 2005 standard takes care of protecting the little ones. As far as materials are concerned, the regulations have a single strict rule that we mentioned earlier: strollers must be made of easily washable materials and for which cleaning is simple. A well sanitized stroller is very important and really essential.

What other aspects does the European standard UNI-EN 1888: 2005 control?

According to European legislation, other aspects must also be considered in a stroller, beyond the materials. The regulations are made with the purpose of having safe, high quality strollers. Do not forget that you are entrusting them with the transport of your child. The regulations are not made with the intention of increasing the price of strollers , but only of maintaining a safety standard for all children and guaranteeing their well-being and safety.

As we have seen before, the legislation provides that the materials of the stroller are easy to wash, but it also has other impositions on the manufacturer of the stroller. One of these is that the company name is clearly visible in the stroller. At a glance you should understand the brand of the stroller and possibly also what model it is. Other details that must be specified when purchasing the stroller are the date of publication of the standard applied to the particular stroller, the serial number of the product. The warning “Do not leave the child unattended” must be included somewhere. Although certain measures may seem useless to us, they have a usefulness and become very important in case of injury or adversity. Do not play with the safety of children.

In addition, strollers must be approved for certain ages and sizes, so here are the guidelines:

The weight limit provided for by the legislation is 15 kilos. This detail must be well specified in the stroller, and the rule must be followed not to use it if the child exceeds this weight. In case of breakage or that the stroller folds, the guarantee is not liable if the stroller has been used with more kilos. Furthermore, the brand is not responsible for any type of injury in the event of incorrect use. Only if the stroller is also equipped with a platform for the transport of standing passengers then the platform can hold up to 20 kilos. The maximum weight capacity allowed for the basket is 5 kilos. A fact not to be overlooked is that strollers must then be diversified into two different variants:

By law and following the regulations, the stroller must be equipped with safety devices for its correct functioning that does not endanger anyone. There are two security measures that must be adopted. The first thing is the braking system that must be activated with a single actuation, it must not be a difficult action to do, but something simple and very easy to operate for any eventuality. The second safety measure is the locking system, this must be through two independent hooks, of which at least one is equipped with a secondary safety device, to prevent the child alone from being locked inside the stroller.

What to look for when choosing a lightweight stroller?

Many factors must be taken into consideration when looking for the best lightweight stroller that fits our needs and requirements. Once you have decided to buy, you have to see if you want the stroller to have certain features or if you want something very simple.

A stroller can be reclining, foldable or have a large variety of accessories. Let’s go now to explain the various functions and the various types of accessories that the stroller could have.

The fact of being reclining allows the child to assume different positions for his greater comfort, for example he can travel seated, playing and enjoying the view, always remaining well protected and fastened. Marari will want to be reclined further back for a more comfortable position while trying to fall asleep. Being reclining is considered more of a secondary factor, rather than a necessary requirement, but it can always come in handy.

The fact instead of being foldable is a feature in common to almost all strollers. Being able to fold the stroller when you are not using it really becomes a very useful function as it allows for easy transport, reducing clutter and leaving more free space at home. The fact that it can be folded also allows you to store the stroller in the car without problems and without occupying the trunk. What could sway your choice towards a stroller rather than another is the simplicity with which it folds. Not all lightweight strollers have the same method.

Some accessories come with the stroller, these can also determine the price difference between some strollers.

Here are some accessories that you can find in the various models of strollers on the market:

the hood : usually the hood is in one hundred percent of strollers, but this is not always really well made and useful for the functioning for which it is made. Not all canopies effectively cover children’s eyes from the sun. It is true that you should not rely only on the canopy, you must use sunscreen and goggles to protect your eyes, but the better the canopy, the better the quality of the stroller. There are already models on the market that have an integral canopy capable of covering the entire seat, for greater safety against solar radiation. Some canopies have transparent sides to be able to control the children.

Rain cover: the rain cover becomes a necessary element to always carry with you in case the rain arrives. It is usually made of transparent plastic that allows you to see outside, so as not to block the visibility of children but still keep them protected. Let’s say that the rain cover acts as an integral umbrella, to shelter the child from rain or snow. It also becomes an accessory to have fun with, and watch the drops fall while remaining protected and sheltered. In addition, the rain cover is equipped with holes to let the air pass and not compromise the breathing of children . The holes also prevent the inside from getting fogged up due to children’s breathing.

In addition to the accessories included, you can buy others separately, just look for them to fit correctly to the stroller. An accessory among all the bag holder hook, for mothers who want to go shopping and then do not know where to put the bags because their hands are full and do not want to annoy the children, taking away their space in the stroller seat. Strollers are not only designed for strolling and for a moment of leisure, they are very useful when you want to go around for shopping or to do various errands and you have to carry your child with you, because he can definitely not stay home alone. , grandparents may not be available and carrying it in your arms would mean not having your hands free to do what needs to be done, looking for food,


We are sure that you will now have a clearer idea of ​​how to choose the best lightweight or ultra-light stroller. It may be that you have decided not to buy it and to have a single stroller at home, it may be that this article has convinced you instead that buying an ultralight stroller is the right thing to do for your needs. We want to make the task even easier by introducing you to five different models of strollers, to narrow the field. In fact, as you well know, there are many strollers on the market nowadays, all made by different companies, which stand out not only for the color and the prices for other small details.

Try to make a purchase that lasts over time, do not try to save at all costs, because you could buy a low quality product, which breaks and does not work well. If you are looking to buy a lightweight stroller and use it as a secondary one, and don’t feel like spending a lot of money, we recommend that you search online for used products. In fact, you may find various offers, and strollers in excellent condition. The useful time of strollers ends when the child turns 3, after which there is no longer any reason to keep the stroller at home if you have no other children planned. The stroller becomes a clutter and mothers can decide to sell it and earn some money. On the other hand other new mothers may be interested in buying and save some money,

We just have to wish you a great purchase according to your needs and those of your child, we are sure that you will not regret having decided to buy a lightweight stroller. You will certainly take unforgettable walks and be able to run the errands you need in comfort and safety, keeping your hands free so you can reach whatever you need. The stroller will keep your baby steady and always safe for your peace of mind. Feel free to physically go to some specialized store and compare the models that are available, without feeling obliged to buy anything. Maybe you have seen a used stroller on the Internet, but from the photos or the description you don’t understand how it is then,


Foppapedretti Hurrà Review

Foppapedretti is a quality brand of Italian origin, synonymous with products for children of the highest quality. It has gained worldwide and international fame thanks to its products which are very well made.

The model presented this time by Foppapedretti is the Hurra Stroller.
Here are some technical features of the stroller:

  • The dimensions when open are: 105 – 79/82 – 48 cm
  • The closed dimensions are: 108 – 35 – 33 cm
  • The front wheels measure: diameter of 14.5 cm
  • The rear wheels miusrano: diameter from 17.5 cm
  • The weight is: 8 kg

The model can come in six different colors, you can choose according to your tastes: Black, Cherry, Denim, Orange, Apple or Fantasy Black. You will be spoiled for choice.

The stroller is very practical, handy and compact. Suitable for traveling, on the train or tram, suitable for country life or city life alike.

The hurrà model is a stroller that has a very light frame made of aluminum.

The stroller closes like an umbrella, taking up very little space, and not creating clutter anywhere you decide to store it.

Approved so that it can be used from birth up to about 3 years (suitable for children weighing up to 15 kg).

It has a multi-position backrest, for greater comfort of the child, who can recline when he wants to rest.

The stroller also has a gate-opening protective armrest for added safety inside the stroller.

The front wheels are swiveling and have a device to block their movement.

The rear wheels, on the other hand, are equipped with brakes, for greater safety.

The hood comes with a nice toy (removable), to keep the child amused.

It also has a large storage pocket and has a baby watch opening.


  • Light
  • Wheels with locking system


  • Difficult to steer


Chicco Ohlalà Review

The Italian brand Chicco offers us a lightweight stroller in the Ohlalà model.

This stroller comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose according to your tastes and preferences or why not according to those of your child.

The colors in which it is presented are: Blue, Silver, Black, Red, Green or Multicolored.

Some technical data:

  • The Stroller is really very, very light, its weight is only 3.8 kg, among the most if not the lightest on the market today.
  • Its dimensions are small: cm 46 x 81x 101 h when open and 30 x 50 x 90 h when closed

The stroller is made with modern shapes and has an attractive and modern design, the OHlalà stroller has been designed to give comfort even while driving it, and to improve not only the life of the children who are carried, but also of the parents who carry and they do most of the work. All this while respecting all the safety and sturdiness standards imposed by the Chicco brand.

The stroller is also very handy, has a joined handle, to make the stroller very easy to maneuver. It has the feature that it can be closed and transported with the use of one hand, for greater ease and freedom of movement.

It has a multi-position backrest that is fully reclining for the child’s greater comfort.

It also has an adjustable leg rest, making it the perfect stroller and suitable for afternoon naps during winter or summer walks.

This model is approved for use from birth.

It is also equipped with a great cape to shelter from the rain, the OHLalà stroller is suitable to use even when it snows or rains outside, even when it is windy. The cape will be able to protect the little one from the climatic weather outside the home.


  • Equipped
  • Light


  • Steer hard


Pali Tre.9 Review

Stroller of the Pali brand in the Tre.9 model.

The model can be chosen in five different colors according to your tastes.

In fact, it comes in the following variants: Blue, Red, Turquoise, Green and Carioca Green. When we talk about different colors we obviously refer only to the fabric part.

Technical characteristics of the stroller:

  • The weight of the article is only 4.3 kg, really very light, among the lightest on the market
  • There are strollers that claim to be light and weigh twice as much
  • The dimensions of the product are 58.5 x 45 x 99 cm

It is a stroller already considered of a modern generation, with an avant-garde design.

The model has details with light and clean features, very simple.

The important feature of the small size and low weight together with the simple opening and closing make the TRE.9 stroller model the model suitable for a modern mother who does not give up any movement and makes them freely and autonomously with her child without import the occasion. For a mother who never stops, always on the go and with a hectic life, both in the city and in the countryside.

The stroller is suitable for use from the moment the child is born until it weighs 15 kg.

The closure is done like a book.

It has a single handle that allows you to maneuver the stroller with one hand for greater practicality, but ensuring maximum safety.

Closing is easy and above all centralized.

The four front wheels have a lever that allows you to lock them. The four rear wheels have an active brake which provides a centralized control. It comes with a storage basket that can hold items up to 3 kg to carry whatever you want. The seat belts are 5-point and can be adjusted.

The backrest can be reclined, since there is a practical and excellent system to lower the backrest without having to put it in pre-established positions. Its handrail is also resistant padded and is easy to remove everything with a simple gesture. The adjustable footrest can assume two different positions.

The upholstery and hood are completely removable and can be washed at 30 degrees.

The rain cover is included.


  • Very light
  • Practical


  • Poor wheels and fabric



Hauck Sport Review

This is another lightweight stroller that is capable of carrying a baby from 6 months up to 15 kilograms in weight. We are talking about a very well made product, which can be folded and spread out on a cot to let our little one rest. It is also equipped with a canopy that protects the child from rain or sun rays. This product is very convenient to be transported even in the city, between metro, tram and bus to go from one part to the other.


  • very good product, a real daily help


  • someone claims that the stroller has a too soft backrest


Safety 1st Peps Revisione

Stroller produced by the Australian Safety 1st which has been dealing with child safety for years and which produces all items that deal with early childhood. We are talking about a folding travel stroller, very comfortable, very light, with a canopy with which to cover the little one from any rain. This product is super convenient for carrying in a car, train or plane and keeps the little one supported in the back, so it is a really good stroller.


  • very handy stroller
  • robust
  • you can take it anywhere
  • holiday saves product


  • some argue that the stroller is of poor quality and that the packaging is too bulky


Inglesina Trip Review

Inglesina is a well known brand in the pushchair industry. In this case he proposes the Trip model, which comes in different color variations, in particular six. You are spoiled for choice. Among the possible colors we have: navy blue, denim color, black cherry, ecru, garden which tends to green, and in graphite color.

Si tratta di un passeggero molto leggero pratico ma anche compatto compatto, che lo rendonono adeguato per la vita nella città, per andare in giro per le strade e nei parchi in totale comodità.

Una caratteristica molto vantaggiosa di questo passeggino è che è molto facile si da chiudere che da aprire, ha la capacità di passare dappertutto, anche tra i vicoli più stretti e quando viene richiuso non è per nulla ingombrante. Ha lo schienale è completamente reclinabile.

Tra gli accessori con cui arriva ha un’ampia capotta per proteggere il piccolo dai raggi solari e ha un parapioggia che aiuta non solo contro la pioggia ma anche contro il vento e la neve secondo le stagioni.

Il passeggino conta con una chiusura ad ombrello, ha le dimensioni ridotto e il peso è molto leggero, in particolare le misure sono:

  • Dimensioni da aperto: 49,5 x 109,5 x 76,5 cm (larghezza x altezza x profondità)
  • Dimensioni da chiuso: 28 x 105 x 37 cm (larghezza x altezza x profondità)
  • Il peso è di 7 chili

La sua leggerezza è un punto a favore per i genitori che sono quotidianamente in movimento.

Adatto per tutti i climi, nelle giornate di sole ha una capotta che aiuta a riparare il piccolo dal sole e dai raggi UV, mentre ha anche un parapioggia per proteggerle il bambino dalla neve o dall’acqua.

La posizione del bambino è sempre comoda per il suo benessere, ma anche sicura per la tua tranquillità. Ha una chiusura ad ombrello che permette di ingombrare poco. Conta con un gancio di sicurezza che impedisce che il passeggino si apra accidentalmente, quando lo si rimette a posto.


  • Le sue Ruote hanno ammortizzatori
  • Lo Schienale si può reclinare in ben quattro diverse posizioni
  • Pedana anteriore può essere regolata in due diverse posizioni
  • Il Corrimano è fatto in materiale morbido al tatto, con un colore coordinato a seconda del modello


  • Ben accessoriato
  • Leggero e compatto


  • Nessuno


Peg Perego Pliko Mini Classico Revisione

Peg Perego è un marchio al cento per cento italiano. Si tratta di prodotti pensati per il benessere e la cura del bambino e sono un orgoglio per la penisola. I prodotti Peg Perego sono riconosciuti a livello internazionale per le sue grandi qualità. Sinonimo di garanzia e sicurezza.

La sicurezza di questo passeggino che ci propongono, Pliko Mini Classico, viene garantita grazie alle cinture di sicurezza a 5 punti. Queste cinture sono regolabili in altezza a seconds delle proprie necessità.

Il passeggino ha delle ruote con molleggio – quelle anteriori sono piroettanti o bloccabili; mentre quello posteriori sono fisse, con il freno centralizzato.

Tutte le fasi di produzione di questo passeggino, dall’ideazione alla realizzazione vengono eseguite esclusivamente da Peg Perego.

Può arrivare in diverse varianti di colori, tutte elegantissime e la sua scelta dipende molto dai gusti personali.

Ecco i diversi colori:

  • Navy
  • Blue Denim
  • Cartoon
  • Giallo
  • Neon
  • Rosso

Si tratta di un passeggino compatto e leggero, infatti pesa soltanto 5,7 kg, tra i più leggeri in commercio. Questa caratteristica permetti di poterlo piegare con l’utilizzo di una mano sola, senza aver bisogno di chinarsi, si tratta di un vantaggio che solo un marchio rinomato e di qualità come Peg Perego sarà in grado di offrirti.

Il passeggino conta con una chiusura ad ombrello, quando lo si richiude lo spazio occupato è davvero pochissimo, non è crea alcun ingombro né fastidio. Può essere riposto facilmente ovunque.

Lo puoi riporre sul pianerottolo, trasportare in tram, portarlo al nido o in piscina.

Wherever you want to fold it, the Pliko Mini stroller ensures maximum hygiene since the fabric will never be in contact with the floor or the ground. A very important feature as we know how important hygiene is when it comes to very young children who carry everything to their mouths.

The dimensions of this Pliko Mini stroller are 83 x 49 x 100 cm.


  • When folded, it does not touch the ground
  • Ultra light


  • It is not very cheap


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